Short-form video content is something short enough to hold a viewer’s attention span, but long enough to get you  engage for a while .Typically, this lands in the 15 seconds to two minute time frame. For each video campaign one tackles, one needs to create a video marketing campaign that answers all of the pertinent questions for the individual campaign that includes to think about cost, target audience, goals, and more.

There are few points that will help to  improve the quality of the video.

  • Use Plenty of Light
  • Use a Clean Background
  • Prioritize Crisp, Clear Audio
  • Avoid Shaky Footage
  • Understand the Rule of Thirds
  • Use Your Phone the Right Way
  • Work On Your Camera Presence
  • Shoot from a Variety spots.

Short-form video can come in a variety of different ways like livestreams, Snaps, sizzles, teasers, branded content, etc. Whatever be the forum, one  need to stimulate the interest of the  audience . There is a strategy that allows us to amplify and repurpose any content we create. We should treat every activity,  every action, every event as a stage. Social media acts as a stage . If we don’t post anything on social media platform that content doesn’t gain popularity. Nowadays, the  perception is true, which is why we should treat everything as a stage. The more you document what is relevant to your brand or your philosophy, the more connections you will gain. The more connections you have, the more relationships you will build.Why should we go to short-form of videos?

Easier to distribute: We can easily share the shorts on eight- to 10-second sizzles, since they are small in file size.

Easier to remember: This is a huge factor, which aligns directly with the short attention span that we have. We find it hard to remember the larger content of the videos. So we need to keep the videos concise. We should only capture the important shots, images, overlays and the emotion that is created at every stage.

Easier to repurpose: Since our attention span is shorter and timelines are more stuffed, so content changes quickly.

We should remember that people buy on emotion for logical reason and short form videos are the best way to trap the emotions.

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