Many of us are still lamenting on the Tiktok ban, as it was one of the most user-friendly video sharing platforms. But many of us do not know the exact reason for the short-form video-sharing app ban. Tiktok, along with 58 other apps has been banned as they were charged for stealing data and secretly transmitting them illegally.  Moreover, Tiktok helps the users to share small video clips that are more likely to go viral. This may make the Tiktok subscriber vulnerable to several security threats. The US senators have also criticized this Beijing based app on concerns like child safety, data privacy, and censorship. Many countries banned the app as they found some pornographic and profane content.


Tiktok versus Reels- who wins the race?

Tiktok was the market leader of video sharing apps, and no other video-sharing app was as popular as this 15-sec talent showcasing app. Several people became overnight Tiktok stars and became a household name. Several others showed their skills like cooking, acting, stitching, painting, etc. However, there’s no option to modify your video content.

The ‘Reels’ feature by Instagram gives you an option to modify your video content using AR filters. The users can use various effects, audio clips, filters, etc. to make their video more entertaining. All you must use the camera option on Insta and there you’ll find the ‘Reels’ feature. You can reduce or increase the video speed so that to make your video content more entertaining. With more than a thousand AR effects available, this feature is truly a bliss for the video artists. However, there are no scrollable feeds available for the videos, which would be the only drawback of this creative tool.

So, if you are missing being a Tiktok user, this app from Instagram would delight you from the core.

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