Chingari app has emerged recently as one of the biggest players in the market after the ban of Tiktok app. With more than 2.5 million downloads till date, this app has become the most promising video-sharing social platform of India. There are several features tChingarihat has helped this tiktok app rival to become more popular than other homegrown video-sharing apps. In this article, you’ll get to know how the app’s unique features make it stand apart from the other social media video-sharing platforms.  

What makes the app more interesting?

Well, there are several features that make Chingari app quite popular. Few of them are as listed below-

  1. Interactive UI for the subscribers.
  2. Upload as many videos as you want
  3. Use your creativity to make interesting audio and video clips
  4. The app is available in several vernacular languages
  5. An extensive GIF sticker and photo library to use
  6. Instant chatting options available
  7. One can create fun content using Watsapp status
  8. Share the content you like
  9. Browse content of your choice
  10. Content creators get paid basedon the based on the view.

The Co-founder of the app Mr. Sumit Ghosh said that he developed the app for the Indian users 2 years back. He announced that it would receive Series A fund-assistance that would be available through a global source. He also informed that the app has more than 5 million active users every day. The company has also planned for some updates, and soon it would introduce AR filters and many other functionalities like the tiktok app. The app would also add some features to help the music composers to earn revenue from the platform. The app is available in Google play store and can be downloaded in iOS and Android devices.

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