The ban on Tiktok and 58 other Chinese apps have resulted in the entry of a few other homemade apps like Chingari and Roposo. The short-form video-sharing app was quite popular in several countries, and several people claimed to fame as Tiktok stars. However, this is not for the first time the Tiktok app has been in controversies. Earlier too, it has posed security risks for children and accused of stealing information by modifying email ID.  So, banning of the app was quite inevitable.

After the Tiktok ban, people are looking for alternatives. Here’s where several apps are coming in. Apart from many desi apps, several others are coming into being. Few of them are Dubshmash, Roposo, Instagram reels, Likee Lite, Trell, etc.

Mojo by Sharechat

With more than 10 million downloads in a week, Mojo has emerged as one of the top players in the market of video-sharing apps. However, Mojo has some technical drawbacks like the screen gets pixelated and one cannot take screenshots of the videos. It also accepts OTP without the subscriber’s permission, which can be a serious security threat. It also doesn’t allow editing the audio clips or add video effects.


The app is about travel, food, and lifestyle. It is quite easy to install, but opening it becomes too difficult. The UI is quite interactive, and you can sign in using your social media accounts. The best thing about the Trell app is that you can get the best content easily. Choose a video and upload it on Trell, but do not expect to edit or add effects in it.

Reels by Instagram

Many of us are already using Instagram and love the app for its interactive features. Recently, the ‘Reels’ feature has been added to the app where people can post 15-second videos with editing.

So far, none of these above-mentioned apps have become a hit in the Indian markets. However, these app development companies are trying their best to achieve success. Let’s see which app becomes the next Tiktok alternative!


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