Whenever we are using a social media platform, our account becomes venerable to security threats. Many social media apps have tried to resolve the problem of security threats and have come up with strict security measures. However, several other apps are still struggling to add advanced security features to their platform. Let’s look at and learn about the security flaws of these apps.


After the ban on the Tiktok video app, many short-form video apps have emerged, and one of the most popular apps amongst them is Chingari. According to a cyber-security official, hackers can use the Chingari app subscriber’s account and change the settings. The hackers can also modify, add, or delete content on behalf of the subscribers. The firm quickly acknowledged the security flaw and made updates and bug fixes with the updated version. The version 2.4.0 and other earlier versions may have some security flaws, so the company has advised the subscribers to update the app from the play store. The API has been stopped for the earlier versions, and the subscribers would not be able to use the earlier versions. The firm has also confirmed that no data has been stolen from the users/subscribers of this short-form video app.


As most of these newbie apps, including Roposo, have a good subscriber base, security threats are inevitable. No wonder, several Tiktok stars, and subscribers are still skeptical to use apps like Roposo.



The popular social media photo-sharing app Instagram recently launched a feature like the Tiktok short-form video-sharing app, but with more interactive features. The feature allows the user to edit the videos, like adjusting the speed of the video or setting timers. But the Reels feature doesn’t have easy to scroll and lookup feeds like that you find in Tiktok. But no major security flaws have been detected here so far.

The recent ban on the Tiktok app has created an opportunity for several small-scale app development firms to enter the market of short-form video making app development. However, not every app development companies are following the norms of data privacy guidelines. To stay in the market, these newbie apps have downloaded codes from the internet and using it, and these apps have similar flaws. However, most of the app development companies are learning from their mistakes and offering updates with bug fixes and more secured space, which gives us hope that one day, we’ll get the perfect video-sharing app.

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