It might seem unusual that Microsoft wants to acquire TikTok, but when the software giant invests in something, it means business. Microsoft has always backed up various services and software like Kinect Xbox, Groove music and so on.

Microsoft has now decided to support TikTok operations in Australia, US, New Zealand and Canada. The aquisition can support the other Microsoft businesses and create a new competitor for facebook and YouTube.

Data privacy issues

TikTok was banned because there was a security leakage. The Microsoft acquisition would ensure to address the concern. Infact, US government too is concerned about the data security. But Microsoft has confirmed that it would ensure that the data remains secured, especially for the users based in the US.

Microsoft’s entry into the world of consumer-based apps

Microsoft always brings up some innovative ways to use the data it collects from various apps. Or example, it used Xbox’s Kinect to understand the interaction and usage pattern, and developed mixed reality smartglasses named HoloLens. Microsoft has gained expertise in gathering data for business-specific software, but it is yet to venture the arena of purely consumer-related services. Since in the recent years, Microsoft didn’t deal with the consumer-based products and services and this has affected negatively in gaining insight on the consumer behaviors.

Most of the new generation US citizens are using Chrome-books, Gmails and many other services that involve the consumers directly. Microsoft failed to catch-up with the mobile age, but it wants to become an active part of the future workplace. Hence, TikTok can be the key to touch the new generation, and the app can bridge the gap between the app owner firm and the users who like to use short video-sharing app platforms to create, watch and share videos. The software giant wanted to make Windows OS more user-friendly by introducing various short-form video sharing apps there, but with Tikok can be used in any OS, and it would be a boon for the content creators too.


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