How to use the Roposo App

Roposo app allows users to post short-form video recordings and photos. Once downloaded on your cell phone, the Roposo app can be utilized to make short-form video recordings. As the initial step, the subscribers can download the app from google play store, and sign in through their mobile number and OTP to sign-in to the app. When marked in, Users can choose the dialects they like to make their content or even view content in any language. Roposo app can be used in vernaculars like English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Gujarati, Punjabi, Marathi, and Bengali. When the inclinations are set, the app opens to the landing page of the Roposo app.

Here, you can essentially look through the immense video content produced by the users. You can likewise make recordings of your own by tapping on the camera symbol on the landing page. Users should allow cameras and mouthpiece in their mobile devices to make recordings.

Different impacts can be utilized to produce recordings like channels, stickers, slow-mo, time-slip by, pictures with regular light, studio light, form light, stage, and stage mono light modes. Users can likewise alter recordings, photographs, and even include two or three drifting stickers or channels to their recordings. To make it their recordings inclining on the Roposo app, they can even utilize hashtags.

Roposo App: Interesting Features

The pattern to blacklist Chinese items and Chinese apps are picking up energy consistently. The Roposo app comes as an option for TikTok, another app created by a Chinese organization. The Roposo app has two or three highlights that make the stage intriguing. For example, they can send a blessing to a video they enjoyed. To send a blessing, Users should gather coins that can be earned using their recordings. The Roposo app likewise has different highlights with tabs called Haha TV, Bhakti, Beat, and then some, which exhibit content as their name recommends. While Haha TV uncovers comic scenes, the Bhakti tab shows strict substance. There is also a dedicated tab to provide COVID-19 updates.

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