Moj, developed by ShareChat is an Indian social media platform developed in 2015. Moj allows users to upload 15-second clips and beautify them with filters and emotes. There is also lip-syncing functionality in the app. The Moj app is an Indian app. which is supported by 15 different languages. Moj App by ShareChat is one of the most trending apps in this category.But there remains a question on how to use MOJ App and to increase followers.

1 Create an attractive Moj App profile

It will start with creating an account on the Moj app.To have a huge followers base one has to create an attractive profile first.The profile preview would show to users in every video.So it should be attractive. The profile picture with attracting username will grab the attention of the viewers. As username will also be there in every video one can use own name or be creative and pick a catchy one. This encourages a viewer to convert into followers as well.

2.Be Consistent

One should be consistent in whichever platform one is in. Viewers are already in the app and ready to see you anytime. The question is how many videos or content you can provide to them.
Moj app allows users to shot and edit videos on it. You can add animation special effects, which helps the creator to not spend hours on video creation and editing. If one can publish videos on daily basis then it would be great.

3.To stay with the trend.

Internet is full of trends and staying with trends is the key to get thousands of followers and go with the trend.

4.To show talent.

One should create unique videos that no one creating in this platform. There is always a space for unique talent. One should show talent to mark a footprint in the viewers mind.

5.Build a connection with the audience.

The more you can add value or entertain your audience, the more likes and followers one would get. One can create a Facebook page or Instagram profile and encourage users to follow there as well. One can share daily life story and other interesting things so that followers will relate.

6.Share Moj App Videos on other Social media.

Once an awesome profile is created and awesome videos has been published, it is now the time to post videos on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc.This way the followers would increase. Users of these platforms will come to know about you and wanted to watch your other videos. This way you would get more followers as well.

So these are some of the things one can do to increase followers on the Moj app.

By following the steps one can surely notice a rise in the followers.

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