Roposo app is a new video-sharing social media platformwhich is developed in India. Similar to TikTok, Roposo users can create homemade videos and photos with a TV-like browsing experience. The content on Roposo is mainly user-generated. The Roposo app is available on both Google Play and Apple App Store. But presently,  each person can earn unlimited Paytm cash by just following the simple steps of this app. This app will provide coins and each 1000 coin is equal to Rs.1.

The Roposo app is providing the users coins for completing tasks, playing quiz and posting videos. It is very easy to earn money through the app. A user must need to follow just simple steps to start with the app and then they can earn money.

Invite your friends

The app will randomly suggest any name from the phonebook and one will have to invite that friend on the app to earn coins. The member must sign up from the number the link is being sent.

Creating video posts
 One needs to create and post the videos on the app to earn coins and one can earn maximum coins if one post at least one video daily. So one can earn money by posting videos.
Play Live Quiz
   Everyday at 6:00 pm the app provides a live quiz where every user can participate and earn coins. So by answering simple questions one can win coins daily.
Daily check-in
   One will also earn coins for just opening the app daily.
Maximum of Rs. 25 can be redeemed per day in Paytm wallet. Coins will expire on the last day of next month of the month it is earned. It will take upto 48 hours for the coins to be credited into wallet once a friend successfully joins with ones referral code.

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