Q: What is Expy?

Expy is a creator-first Link in Bio website builder that helps creators share all their links and content, plus offer monetizable services and storefronts on a single, custom page. Share, monetize and grow directly from your social media link in bio.

Q: Why Create an Expy page?

  1. All-purpose:
    • Integrate and drive engagement across all of your most important links, content, personalized / premium services, and collaboration opportunities from one aesthetic page.

  2. Simple:

    Requires minutes to set up and doesn’t require your followers to leave social media platforms or messengers in order to engage / transact. Anywhere you can share a link.

  3. Manageable:

    Get all the feature insights you need from a single dashboard and save by not paying multiple platform service fees and charges. Saves you time and improves convenience.

  4. Monetizable:

    Diversify revenue streams creatively, whether through followers (paid personalized / premium content features) or brands (affiliate marketing, or brand deal opportunities). All pre-built.

  5. India, creator-first:

    First localized ‘link in bio’ monetization solution for Indian creators; this is not just another monetization platform. The purpose is to make a creator’s growth and scaling journey simpler – centralize your online ventures.

Q: What Can I offer on Expy?

Using Expy, you can share your most important links with fans, driving engagement across platforms and sponsored deals; monetize your fame through all-purpose premium and personalized content features; and create an owned audience, bypassing social media algorithms. All from a single, revenue maximizing sharable link.

Q: Do Creators get paid?

Yes, Expy provides a variety of monetizable features that you could offer to your fans. You get paid whatever price you set, minus Expy’s commission.

Q: Do I have to complete every request?

No, you have full control over which requests you complete.

Q: How and when would I get paid?

Once your account holds over 2500 Rs, it can be withdrawn without any additional fees to your bank account.

Q: Who reserves the rights to the video requests?

You and Expy reserve the rights to the video. Fans that request the video are granted licensing rights, with no abilities for mass distribution.

Q: Why should I visit Expy?

Make sure you are up-to-date with everything related to your favorite creator, whether new content or personalized services you could request from them, all from a single, simple page. Get to know your favorite creators better from their Expy page!

Q: Still have questions?

Email us at [email protected] - We will be happy to answer all your questions.