Chingari is an Indian origin mobile application wherein people record and share short video clips.

Homegrown social app Chingari, has raised an undisclosed amount of funding from Brian Norgard, the Chief Product Officer of Tinder, and leading French entrepreneur Fabrice Grinda, Founder  of OLX. Norgard has earlier invested in startups like SpaceX, Lyft, and NotionHQ. Grinda has more than 200 investments in several big firms including Alibaba Group, Airbnb, Beepi, FanDuel, Palantir, and Windeln. According to the Co-founder and CEO of Chingari App, Sumit Ghosh  “We are humbled that globally acclaimed entrepreneurs like Brian Norgard and Fabrice Grinda loved the vision of the Chingari team and invested into what we are building.” He even added in his statement ,”We are absolutely delighted to have them onboard the Chingari rocket ship and look forward to learning from them the art of building and scaling Global product companies”. Grinda appreciated by quoting “We’ve been impressed with the way Chingari has grown organically and in a very capital efficient manner so far.”Chingari the new app has been able to make its way into the hearts of the Indian people. The team  Chingari is shipping upgrades at the speed which the other app has failed to do.  Chingari was voted as the best app in the social media category. Chingari allows its users to download and upload videos ,chat with friends ,interact with new people , share content, browse through feed and much more. A Chingari user can get creative with WhatsApp status, Videos, Audio clips, GIF stickers, and photos, and become popular. The platform gives points (on per-view basis) to its content creators and these points can be redeemed for money, this makes the platform more interesting and rewarding. Chingari is available in multiple Indian languages like English ,Hindi, Bangla,  Gujrati, Marathi, Kannada, Punjabi, Malayalam, Tamil and Telegu.  This app can be downloaded for free on all app stores such as Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

Security researcher finds flaw in Chingari site, firm says app safe. A well-known French security researcher Elliot Alderson claimed that the website of Globussoft, the company behind social media app Chingari, a desi alternative to Chinese TikTok, has been compromised. The company said that the app is completely safe.

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