The pandemic has made most of us addicted to social media, and several apps come handy too. Few of them have been a major hit amongst the users with a good fan base, while others are losing the game. One such app that had millions of followers earlier, is now banned. The former Musically-app had plenty of features to help the content creators explore their creativity.


Cheez app lets you edit your video content, use filters & effects, and place background scores to your video content. The app encourages the vloggers and not only video artists like singers, painters, comedy stars, etc. The video with a certain number of followers gets a reward too. If you watch and follow the content creators, you’ll be rewarded too! For more user engagement, there are certain battles and challenges where one can participate and prove his/her worth.


The Lomotif app is a short-form video sharing app like the Tiktok app. Initially, it was launched for the iOS devices, but later, it was launched for the android systems too. The users can get editing tools and features like slow motion, video trimming, zoom in/out, and so on. There are several filters, emojis, stickers, etc.  You can make friends through this app and show your talent to get followers. This app allows friendly collaborations too.








This mobile video-sharing app works like Tiktok, where the subscribers can make a 15-second short-form video to show their talent. Several filters and effects are applied to make the content creators look more attractive. The video app provides subscribers an opportunity to earn money when they have enough likes, shares, and comments.


This video-sharing app helps its subscribers to make short and cute video content. The word Kwai refers to cute in the Japanese language, and the app has several filters and features that help you in making beauty-related videos, illusional videos, tricky videos, and so on.

So, here are a few lesser-known apps that you can try out instead of Tiktok and enjoy your quarantined days!

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