India’s recent ban on the Chinese video-sharing app TikTok having stunned users.However this ban helps country’s homegrown apps an opportunity on a platter. The TikTok ban has become a catalyst for homegrown video-sharing apps in India. However, to prevail in the ecosystem, they must tread carefully and work hard with various features excelling TikTok. Many Indian apps in this segment, like Chingari and Mitron, are already raking in users and funding.The gap left by TikTok is massive , it is 611 million ‘lifetime’ downloads as on April 29 when the ban occurred. However, this window of opportunity might not last. Not only is this the right time for India’s homegrown apps to swoop in on the millions of Indian users who were hooked to TikTok, but they must also do something real hard so that the users can be satisfied like the way they used to while using TikTok.

The timing of the ban on Chinese apps looks strategic. It is noteworthy that the ban came when TikTok was in all its glory. It brings together the government’s economic and industrial policy with the security policy. Not only TikTok, other Chinese app like Vigo, Likee was also banned. Several apps similar to TikTok have been trying to make it successful for the past couple of years but are only now able to reach a user base in millions. The record says that TikTok was far ahead in this matter.
Mitron, raised an undisclosed amount in seed funding just two days after the ban. Many TikTok users have shifted to YouTube and Instagram. While Chinese apps are out of the picture but other foreign non-Chinese apps in the video-sharing segment pose a formidable threat to the Indian App.While Chinese apps are out of the picture, other foreign non-Chinese apps in the video-sharing segment pose a formidable threat to the Indian App.

Indian apps have to work extra hard at keeping the users they have gained, satisfied.They have to woo the users, but they also have to keep them wooed till they can be sure of their foothold in the market.

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