Your local stars

Why this blog is needed?

Your Local Stars is a blog, it covers make in India most popular video-sharing apps and their presence and how it is going to impact Indian community.


How would this blog help me?

This blog is one platform to have latest news on various video-sharing apps. If you love to do some fun gigs, you might need a good video-sharing app. Following our blog would help you provide the latest news and information on various homegrown video-sharing apps.


What does the name “Your Local Stars” mean?

“Your Local Stars” is a forum for all the latest news and updates on the locally available video-sharing apps.




How do I submit a guest post?

You can use the submissions form to submit guest posts. We would love to feature relevant guest posts on our site and collaborations too are welcome as long as it is violating our rules.

How can I comment?

There’s a section below every post where you can comment using your valid account. Criticisms are welcomed, but any negative or abusive/spam comment would be deleted.

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