Chingari is one of the famous apps among youths in India. It is very similar to TikTok that’s why the platform is growing very fast. Although a new app, many video creators are already starting to get followers. Chingari is an Indian origin mobile application wherein people record and share short video clips. The users can upload videos in more than 20 languages including English. After the ban of 59 chinese apps including TikTok the growth of Chingari has increased. But there are always a chance to increase the followers. We would discuss some of the methods to gain followers in less time. 

  •  Create an attractive Chingari profile

In the Chingari app, your viewers will see the profile image and username on the top of the video while playing. So an attractive profile can only help in getting more followers.

  • Keep content consistent

In any video platform consistency, is key. So we need to keep publishing videos regularly to keep our followers engage and attract new followers.One can make videos for Chingari using smartphone in a few seconds. 

  • Use popular hashtags

 We can use popular hashtags in the video description to make our post available to users who are searching for these keywords. In addition to that, it will increase the change of reaching viewers watching similar videos. Hashtag is a proven technique and tested on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This works on Chingari as well.

  • Post original content

One can select creative content with funny dance and background music. 

  • Create your own trend and challenges

People always want to see trendy topics rather than boring ones.Walk with trends to get millions of views. So create your own trend or dance and also a unique hashtag for this to get viral.

  • Follow, like and comment on other posts 

There are many video creators. Their might have been more followers than yours. Follow them with the same user ID you are using to upload videos in Chingari. In addition to that also like and comment in their videos. This helps you to get noticed and they might follow you back.

  • Engage the audience

Chingari allows us to upload short videos. So wear some attractive dress and use a good camera to grab attention. 

  • Share your Chingari profile on other social media

Lastly we can share the videos on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. This way more people from other platforms will know about us. This way one can reach a broad audience.

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