As the use of Social media app has augmented within a decade, the security risks too, have increased. One of the most popular short-form video sharing apps is Tiktok, that had millions of subscribers and content creators earlier, but later, attracted many controversies. This app made several content creators famous and fetch several followers. However, the app has been banned for several security reasons.

Viral Challenges

Several challenges make rounds in social media, and a few of them are too dangerous. Tiktok has several challenges like the Skull breaker challenge where the one who accepts it must trip off someone as a prank in such a way that the victim falls and his/her head bangs on the ground is a challenge that has caused many injuries. The penny challenge where the Tiktok user must put a coin between the phone charging plug and the plug point had fatal results.

Content blocking

It was reported that the short-form video-sharing app blocked by the content creators who belong to the LGBQ community are disabled or obese. The spokesperson of the Tiktok platform confirmed the report and he said that it was done to stop bullying. However, this policy was later modified by blocking negative commentators .

It has been reported that any political content, especially something that is against the Peoples Republic of China. However, the popular video-sharing app denied such allegations.

Pedophile’s easy approach

The Tiktok app has been defamed by a bunch of pedophiles who send sexually explicit content to the young girls. However, the short-form video sharing platform confirms that it has zero tolerance for such abusive content posting.

The app has been blocked for several reasons, but primarily because of the security threats where the hackers could modify the user’s accounts and post on his/her behalf. So, if you’re a TikTok user, make sure to check the above-mentioned points before you subscribe!

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