Video Sharing is a process of distributing video content with other users via various platforms and public services. Today, millions of people share videos publicly, pursuing different goals. Video sharing platforms are packed with various types of online content. What’s more impressive is that video will cover 82% of all Internet traffic by 2021! This is the scale of video sharing popularity today.

An important part of video sharing are websites and platforms that serves specific goals.Some of them are great for entertainment, while others are tied to business needs. Whereas some are extremely helpful for online sales and email marketing. Althoughwe are acquainted with many video sharing apps like YouTube,Vimeo, Vivo, Snapchat there are few more which we should take a look at more closely.


This live stream video and social networking app focuses on music.Users can log in from Facebook, Twitter or The age group to use such app is 18 or older.It has the option to block or report viewers who comment inappropriately or post offensive content. However, anyone can comment on the child’s broadcasts or invite them to a private conversation.


The first concern with is that the terms of service specify that users need to be 18 or have parental permission to use the app. There is no “private” setting for accounts so all broadcasts are open to the general public and can also be shared.As a result inappropriate content was easy to come across.So there comes several complaints about glitches, underage users, and bots.


This app is fairly new. In order to log on, the child needs to sign in through Twitter or Facebook. When using Facebook, Hype will show the child’s full account name and that cannot be changed.There was no clear way to delete a Hype account.Hype stands out because a “host” can create a special background making it easy. Viewers can share, discuss, cast votes or send “sparkles” to broadcasts they like. Hosts can feature comments they like on their broadcast.


YouNow is a broadcast streaming service that focuses on showcasing talent. Users can sign up via Twitter, Facebook or Google+ and can also integrate with YouTube and Instagram. YouNow is different in that users can earn levels to acquire perks, like being featured on the website, which can help build an audience. A child can earn coins and can buy “bars” to engage even more.Most users seem to play by the rules, although there have been forbidden requests for phone numbers and profanity.


Periscope is one video sharing app that is notable for its longevity. In a day and age when broadcasting apps live and die within a year or two, this app was created in 2014 and taken over by Twitter at the beginning of 2015. Your child’s videos are also public and visible.
A child can also block followers if he wishes.Although the app itself has a rating of “4+”, this app is not recommended for kids younger than 16 or 17 because of possible inappropriate content.

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