Tiktok, the Chinese video sharing app has been banned in India. This has provided platform to many other similar apps. Let’s see what are the video sharing apps that has emerged as a tough competitor to Tiktok.


Roposo has been designed in 2014 by the three ex-students of IIT-Delhi, Avinash Saxena, Kaushal Shubhank and Mayank Bhangadia as a fashion social network. The stable release of the app happened in June 2020. The app has open platform and one can share videos through it. Moreover, you can post your stories in an interactive manner, view interesting content of choice and meet with your prospective clients. More than 70 percent of the platform is related to beauty, lifestyle and fashion. The brands can post ads that can reach to the target audiences as per their interests. The channel RANGOLI is for the homemakers, GLITZ entertainment channel for the youngsters and GABRU for the young men. Most of the tiktok stars are now venturing this new app and making it one of the most popular apps after tik tok ban.


Chingari app has gained momentum recently after the ban of Tiktok app. With several games and filters, the users can record and publish short form videos. The app has received good response from the users and has more than 10 million followers. 

With more than 5 years market existence, Dubsmash has Instagram- like features where you can explore and access various content. Use your favourite quotes to make lip-syncing videos and upload them without any fuss. The quotes can be of your favourite movies or television soaps. The user interface is quite interactive, and the app has a vast audio library. The only con of the app is that you can create only 10-sec short-form videos.


The app was released in October 2015 without any scope for the users to upload or generate content. Later, the app was updated with user-based content-generation where the users can generate their own hashtags and tag other users. The users can share text messages, greetings and GIF stickers in their preferred language. The users can upload 15-second short form videos and lip-sync too.

There are several other emerging apps that can be potential rivals of Tiktok app. However, all these apps are still in their developmental phase but won’t take much time to capture the Indian markets.

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