After the ban of Chinese Apps many Indian Apps came in its place and Roposo is one of them. It is a platform where people can make videos and share it.The App is available in 15 different languages catering to users aged 15 and 35 years. The content creators have earned Rs 1,00,000 on Roposo app per month. As per Roposo, the app pays not only to big creators who are more popular but to small creators as well. The payment by the app is done via wallet and in case the payment is more, the app deducts the applicable tax and transfers to the bank account.

Mayank Bhangadia,founder of Roposo app said if a video has 1 lakh views on Roposo app, the creator will get 1 lakh Roposo coins which means Rs 100. Similarly, 10 lakh coins means Rs. 1000. It is same for every video creator. Mayank Bhangadia also added that they were working for four years on how to strengthen the app. After the lockdown the people of our country are engaging more in the app as they needed entertainment.

This app has made a maximum download taking into account all the categories over India. Mayank also added that they have made an advanced inbuilt camera in the app and also added interesting camera tools wherein people can add video filters, can stitch two videos, can add audio, can add voiceover and more. an average 7 lakhs app downloads were seen by the company on a daily basis.

In the 24 hours, there were 1 crore new users on the app. The creator of this were expecting some growth in the lockdown period and then due to ‘Make in India’ initiative in the country, but it was never expected that 1 crore users will be added in one day. Even experts believe that something like this has never happened in India before.

As far as the future plans are concerned, Mayank said that they are continuously working on to improve the camera in the app and also working on a feature where people can login to the app without adding mobile number.Another interesting feature is creating an sdk for the technologies which will be available for all digital platforms.

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